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Make up doesn't fit

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Is the lipstick actually on the Catya HUD, or is it on a different makeup HUD that you've bought? The answer to that question will change the advice that you get from people here.

What @JungUKnow is asking is: have you worn the HUD for your Catya head (not the HUD for your makeup) and been clicking around in the tab that allows you to tint various areas of your head?

Because you're telling us that your lipstick is suddenly grey instead of red, it sounds like what you've done is clicked the 'lips' section of your Catya HUD's tinting tab, then clicked somewhere in the black and white tinting column, which has turned your lip area grey. This is quite easy to do accidentally, and it doesn't matter if the lipstick is one that's included in the Catya HUD or another makeup HUD that you've bought.

To test this, try another lipstick. Does the same thing happen? If you click to wear a pink lipstick, does that also look grey? If so, then you most likely have tinted your lip area.

To fix it, wear your Catya Master HUD, click the 'Alpha-Lashes-Tint-Neck-Size' tab, then click the lips icon, as shown in this picture. (Sorry, I don't have time to log into SL, or else I would have done a closer screenshot from my own Catwa HUD, but I just had to google for one to help you.) Then, click the white box under the rainbow colour strip under the HUD. (If it's not white, click in the white lower-right section of the big grey-shaded tinting area).

You'll notice from that image that there are two sides to the lip icon. In the picture, the left side is surrounded by a black line. That's because there are two layers to your lip area: an upper (left) and a lower (right). You need to click the left half of the icon and set that back to white, then the right half and set that back to white, too.

You can also go into the 'Blush-Lipstick' tab, and check the 'upper' box for lipstick and click 'clear', then check the lower box for lipstick and click 'clear' on that, too, and then try re-applying the lipstick from your makeup HUD. (Do this after you've check that you've not tinted your lips.)

If doing that doesn't help, join the 'Catwa Head Friends' group inworld and ask there. That's the inworld Catwa support group, which is free to join, and they're incredibly helpful.

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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 1307 days.

Please take a moment to consider if this thread is worth bumping.

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