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Pepper Charisma

MOVE IN SPECIAL! Private island with furnished house, 1 extra week free with purchase!

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SALE!! Furnished House Included! 2 Weeks for the price of 1! FairChang Cabos 9 (6144m/$2812L weekly/1875 prims)



Move in special! Get an extra free week of rent when you rent this parcel. That's TWO weeks for the price of one!

This beautiful modern house in a tropical isle is ready for immediate move in. Use the house or feel free to return it and use your own.

Tropical isle in full region for sale in a great sailing community.

We have several islands of varying size available and prices at the moment.

This island has 6144m2 with 1875 prim allowance and is in a full region. To purchase this land and pay the first week's rent just right click on the land you want to buy. The next rent will be due one week after purchase. Be sure to contact Aukola Kyuzo or Pepper Charisma after you have purchased the land to be added to the rent box.

Rent may be paid weekly in L$ at our rental islands located on each region. Once your name has been added to the rental box, you can pay for additional weeks by clicking on the box for your parcel.

Slurl: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/FairChang Cabos/245/32/21

Cabos 9 Sale Version.png

Cabos 9 Places Greed_004.png

Cabos 9 Places Greed_005.png

Cabos 9 Places Greed_006.png

Cabos 9 Places Greed_007.png

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