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Homes for rent in adult private sim

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We have some homes for rent in a mountain themed sim for adults. All homes are on private parcels. Lot's of areas to explorer with PG to Adult activities. Eagles Nest Adult Country Club is also on the sim for more entertainment. All prims and prices are the base to start rental, more prims are available if you need at $L1.00 per prim per week added to your rent.

6 Bedroom Robinvale 500 prims for $L500 week Click to see


4 Bedroom Country Cottage 300 prims for $L300 week Click to see


4 bedroom Hamton 300 prims for $L300 week Click to see


5 Bedroom Timber Wolf 400 prims for $L400 week Click here to see


4 Bedroom Evening Shade Manor 300 prims for $L300 a week Click here to see


3 Bedroom Southern Comfort Manor 300 prims for $L300 a week Click here to see


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It's been brought to my attention the links I tried to do for the SLurl did not work on this post so if you wish to see these homes and the area this should work better :-) http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Eagle Town/94/184/23

Also we have decided to set all homes to 300 prims/li for $150/week! That's $L0.5 a prim and they are going fast. Want more the 300 prims? No problem just contact Johnny Eagle (Flyingeagle855 Resident).

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