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Will 'work' for a home

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Sooo it's no suprise that I'm back after a couple of years because I LOVE RP and I've missed the living crap outta it and ultimately, SL. After a long hiatus, I'm back to the drawing board with 0 lindens and no RP character to live out. I would loooove to have a home in a pretty active RP community. In return for free lodging, I can play any role you need to me to fill in (e.g. waitress, judge, police officer, Manager, so on and so forth...). I'm super versatile and stuff I don't know much about it, I learn quickly. I stick to my RP at all times and can be pretty creative with it.  

Genre I'm comfortable to RP in:

•Family community






•Any realistic RP

My name inworld: sassyautumn

Can't wait to hear from you! ♥



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The irony is that rentals on a roleplay set are usually the only way of generating income for the plot owners. 
So even the most earnest wish to support your chosen play with nothing but your presence might easily lead to conflicting interests - please don't understand this as a personal insult or anything alike, just an objective statement. 

If you need a spot for a changing and unpacking room to fiddle with your character(s) while you're on the hunt for a new RP home, that can probably be arranged...

EDIT: I'm slightly confused. The original post mentions a sweet 0L balance, but the first post on these boards, a couple of days ago, is an ad for an open mic club, which obviously has an inworld land location. 

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