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Looking for Quality Adult Scenes?

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   Are you the type of person who enjoys engaging in adult scenes and wants it to be a back and forth exchange of thought-out emotes?  One who does not want a partner who is a pose-jumper, or who speaks in short, incomplete sentences, speaks multiple lines before giving you a chance to respond, or simply says nothing? Then the EROS Society at Sinclaire Estates is the place for you.

   The EROS Society (Erotic Roleplayers Of Secondlife) was formed to create a group for people like you, and the Sinclaire Estate was built to provide you with a place to meet and play.  The group is admittedly elitist in that all members are pre-screened and must demonstrate an ability to emote (short or para is accepted).  However, once accepted into the group, members have unlimited access to the Estate, will be permitted to use the group chat to promote activities at the Estate or meet others, and accepted members will be able to recommend others for membership, thus by-passing the application process.

   If you think you would be interested in joining the Society (membership is free), feel free to either stop by the landing to pick up an application, or contact me directly in-world. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Luna Maria/220/240/23

-IMPORTANT-  Before responding with a negative comment or criticizing me for singling out certain types of people, I understand that everybody has a different opinion of what a quality scene is, and that for some, those things listed in the opening paragraph do constitute such.  That is your right.  Just as it is my right to prefer emoting.Snapshot_001.thumb.png.99db3d303eed4dc557dbf58a5aaa9223.pngSnapshot_026.thumb.png.164ef93ee67b26c3125d70c69da2d1b6.pngSnapshot_024.thumb.png.16589196d78d74bcdc79a4d1bfffdda6.png

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