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LOOKING FOR: Live performers/DJ/Host/Dancer/etc!

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Hello everyone that is reading this!

Are we looking for YOU/are you looking for us?!
Lets hope!

We are starting a brand new club! Well its not only a club, its more that we like to start a nice community that is a save place for everyone!

For the club we are looking for:

DJs - Hosts - Dancers - Live performers - "Sponsors" that like to give away something at an event!


For the other place we are looking for:

Designers/Creators, That like to show art/creations (fashion shows/art gallery etc), we also wanna have readings (This means: We talk about a subject, this can be everything, rl & sl) everyone that likes to join is welcome to discus/share ideas etc!

So yes everyone is welcome!
The places are M rated, so we can hold different events/themed parties. We allow nudity but NOTHING sexual!! So no hard ones, sexual rp, etc!!

Its all based on TIPS. Its to have fun, experience, get inspired and sharing!

For now we are using EU timezone! (Around +9 SLT) but other timezones are also very welcome!

If you are still reading, good! If you feel like you fit or like the idea, please contact MamiChella Resident inworld (IM or NC).



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