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Shop Interior Designer needed

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Hello! I'm aiming to open a shop which features Corsets, Tiny waistGiant Boobs & Butt items of Meshes and Clothing. Below is an example of my own artwork which I'd like to translate into 3d items. 


I'd like a shop design which:

  • Can fit into a 32 x 32 or a bit larger. I wouldn't have much to sell at first.
  • Is expandable or has a larger version. If it goes well, I want to expand the shop and go bigger with more products and space (Or maybe it would be better to just get a large place to start with for the sake of Landmarks? Let me know your opinion).
  • Optionally, has "play" areas. For example, corset dress/try area with measuring tape script toys (I know how to code, and if its appropriate for your design, lets do it).
  • Has a cozy "London Store" kind of feel to it.
  • Features my name "Cuddlebeam" for branding purposes.
  • A store front idea is appreciated but not required, because the store will likely be in the sky somewhere lol.
  • Is optimized for virtual shopping. I want to know the science behind the design.

Please shoot me a message with your your rates, past experience and other relevant information. Thank you in advance! 

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