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External payment options - security

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I have heard that landlords are offering paypal options for renters.

I would like to provide similar and in addition to, other options for payment (LSL script to provide HTTPS page to take payment and do a llHTTPRequest POST to a payment provider API).  This is in my view the easiest option in terms of managing both the experience and tracking who is paying.  Aside from people adverse from paying in this fashion, is it actually SAFE to do it this way, given that both the hosting page on the prim would be HTTPS, and the payment provider (e.g. sagepay.com) would also be HTTPS?

Many thanks in advance for anyones insight!


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I believe the 2 sections of the Avatar to Prim part of the link would not be secured.

Data they enter into a textbox would be sent as unencrypted udp over the internet between the viewer and sim.

Additionally nothing more than security by obfuscation prevents any prim inside the sim listening to the channel of the textbox that gets the data.

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