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Thistleton might be one of the best-kept secrets on the grid!

Are you looking for a lovely woodland village to make your home?
Would you love to become a part of a well-established community with people who love to meet and make new friends?

Come Join the growing Thistleton Community!

The Thistleton Community is small but active:

  • Uniquely terraformed! This is NOT a cookie cutter sim!
  • Meet your neighbors or have a party in one of three community parks.
  • Impromptu theme parties give a chance to celebrate Birth and Rez days and other happy occasions.
  • Our Town Square is the perfect place to shop or offer your creations for sale.
  • Walking paths for leisurely strolls about the beautifully terraformed sims or take a boat ride along our lazy rivers.
  • Seasonal landscape changes including holiday decor in all public spaces.
  • Private Low Lag Regions
  • Premium membership is NOT required to live in Thistle Estates!
  • Full land ownership, change your music stream, turn on/off the ability of people on nearby parcels to see or hear you.
  • Terra-forming allowed and encouraged.
  • All Parcels have views of our lovely rivers, lake, or ocean!

Come visit, grab the Thistleton Estate info. from the “Land for Sale” signs
or IM Liz Gealach or Tippy Wingtips for details and a tour of the Thistleton community.

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