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Seeking Talented Artists!

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Hello, we are seeking artists of all types for our up and coming fine art gallery!

Our location is on an Adult sim, so you must be 18+ in order to place your work in our gallery. We do have a lot of traffic in our area, so there is great potential to sell your work!
We are looking for creative minded people who enjoy making beautiful and unique art for the SL community. 
Please note that we are seeking artists who create paintings, drawings, and sculptures. 
We would love a chance to meet with you and view your work! Please contact the owner or manager in world in order to set up a meeting or to get more information about our company!
If we are unavailable please leave a notecard! 

-Owner: Apolez Taurus
-Manager: EmmarieLee 

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Hi there. I know a man who does the best art work, that is displayed at my sim, but needs to be in more places because it is awesome! His name is Malvolio Rehnquist. He is an English fella, but he doesn't know I am messsaging you because he doesn't believe his work is good enough. I will send you a link to view his work at my sim, just visit when ever you like. :) http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Bermuda Beach/182/96/3268 . Thank you for your time, I promise it won't be wasted! 

Kind Regards,

Tahlia Snoodle

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