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Need a scripter for something small, Read more:

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Hello everyone, I'm looking for a scripter who can write a small script for me, SO let get right to it:
Btw, this of for a hud.

The basic idea of the script is,  that I need a script that is able to push a button(s)  and when you push a button a window will come up and if you push another button an other window will come up.

So let me show you an example:

for this example we will have 2 buttons and 2 windows(objects/page): for the buttons, one were going to call "Button 1" and the other were going to call "Button 2"
for the windows: we will have "window 1" & we will have "Window 2"

so on the image you see "Button 1" , "Button 2"  & "Window1"



now when I click on "Button 2' I want "Window1" to disappear and "Window2" to appear ( so you basically switching ) <check photo>


and when you click "Button1"  It will make "Windows2" disappear and "Window1" Appear




that's basically it,  it's like going to a different tab/page. if possible I want to leave some room in the script  that I always can add more button's & windows in if necessary .
I also want to mention That I want Full perms over the script(s)   price is negotiable. Thank you.

you can contact me here, or inworld :)
мarcυѕ darrιυѕ  (sgtmarkoes)

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