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Furry Tiki Island is now hiring new DJ's for both permanent scheduling and flex scheduling. 

Responsibilities Include:

  • Streaming music via a broadcasting software(SAM, MIXX, VDJ, Etc)
  • Interacting with patrons via local chat 
  • Posting notices before, during and at the end of your set
  • fielding requests from patrons

What we are Looking for:

  • Social and active people to interact with our patrons while performing
  • passionate djs that love the job and are willing to share that enjoyment 
  • Any and all genres are welcome

What we Require:

  • Accounts must be 30 days old or older
  • Accounts must be age verified
  • Previous experience in SL preferred but not required(handled case by case)
  • Must be willing to join the telegram group for FTI DJ's
  • Must be willing to work on an adult region containing nudity and explicit content 
  • Must be willing to work with groups of furries(mainly if you aren't one must be able to get along with fuzzies)


We utilize Google Calendars in PST/PDT, we prefer DJ's have an email that can be used in accessing google calendar or create one specifically for this purpose. However, it is not required that you provide an email address, applicants that are hired that do not wish to provide an email will work with the managers about scheduling. 

Dj's are not required to provide their own stream, we will provide a stream for them to use if they do not have their own however, DJ's are more than welcome to use their own stream.


Interested applicants can apply inworld here http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Havoc/43/37/28

Please be sure to rename your application by adding your name to the end of the notecard title, and drop the notecard in the drop box or send directly to Dj Managers Loralai Enyo and Lygerr Resident

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