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♡ αяє уσυ му ∂α∂∂у؟ ♡

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SL Name:  Taryn Kramer (tarbear4life) 
Looking for: Dominant


About me:Im 22 irl and i have a really kind personality im bubbly and silly with a dorky/nerdy sense of personality i love horrormovies and disney movies and just being myself i aim to make my Daddy happy. and not disipoint ^^ i can be bratty but its all in good fun not to make him angry :o i like laid back areas where i can be myself. <3 

what im looking for:  im looking for a daddy  that i can be myself around and that doesnt presure me to do things im uncomfterble with . i want to be happy! and make a connection and not just be a play thing im a babygirl not a play thing please treat me like im your partner not just some toy. ^-^ 

i voice and skype and discord :D
i play ps4
and have a SL family :3



No way to voice 

Heavy and thick accents ( Exceptions include, Brits, Aussies, Scotts, New Zealands )

Prim / NON mesh Avatars

Loud Screaming/noises ( im autistic please be respectful of my ears and my noise senseitivity )






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