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Siblings looking for Family/Parents!

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Hello future family! 

My name is Hannibal and with my younger brother tagging along I am looking for perfect family. We both at different time had families in the past but sadly sometimes a home isn't forever. For me it has been a few years since I have had one. So we have st out on a search for a loving family! 

Any questions feel free to ask!!

What we are wanting in family:

People who had done Family RP before..

Furry preferred but open to all. 

A willingness to understand, grow, and learn. 

A  readiness to explore and have fun.

We don't mind a big family or having other siblings. 


A little about us: 



Age: 17 

Race: Shiba Inu/Manx Cat Hybird 

Time zone: Center 




Age: 11

Race: Albino Shiba

Time zone: AST

Hannibal and Couscous 2.png


Hannibal and Couscous.png


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A little update: 

We have claimed panels at a few different adoption centers inworld but still on the search!

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