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Full SIM sharing - 1/4 region residential

Full SIM to share - We share 50/25/25- no dramas - must be serious and reliable. The SIM in mind is called The Celestial Realm. This is a SIM not a modern industrial one. I occupy a half (50) and a friend another 1/4 (25) and we are looking for a new resident to take over a 1/4.

It would be a ratio of the full teir amount depending what size you want. Also OK if partner wants to rent some of their quarter to others to supplement their tiers or for profit.  Full tiers are 295 USD per  month for the whole SIM - a new partner would be paying a low USD 75 (standard cost). The ratio would change dependant on what size the new person wanted if a smaller section. Payments are due before the 5th of each month - Paypal or Lindens.
My half has a tavern for events if required and is pirate friendly, petite friendly. 
Terraforming of the 1/4 parcel is allowed. The SIM owners are free to landscape their half 1/4 or quarter This is a SIM a country alpine SIM.  My half of the SIM is open for exploration and fun by all the residents. Sort of an old world/natural feel. Currently the quarter in question is totally vacant and available.
Can be a private, business or group occupier. All welcome

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