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Griseus Farms - Adult Human Livestock Role Play

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Hello everyone I would like just a moment of your time to talk to you all about a new human livestock sim that is opening up called Griseus Farms we cater to mostly hucows (of all types) but also have a small pony area along with both softcore and hardcore bondage/snuff areas if you are willing to look for those! we are really in need of staff roles (Doms, Farmhands, vets, even pastors for the small church we have on the farm) and as always looking for more livestock please come and have a look the groups are free to join and the joiners are on the side of the big red barn (livestock for subs/livestock and farmhands for staff/doms) If you would like a Certain role such as cow, pony, farmhand, pastor, vet ect please contact Seth Ock or elizaday04 with what role you would like. we look forward to seeing you around! 



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