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Time Portal is  sim about time travel.

In its center there is a time machine and via several huge time portals you can visit several historical eras.

Such as 1930s new York, Victorian London, 1950s USA, 18th century France, Tudor London and soon Rome will be added as well.

There are shops, cinemas, theatres, clubs, etc.

We do NOT have a dress code so everyone is welcome, dress as you want (the sim is g-rated), roleplay what you want, etc.

You could decide to go full historical, like the small community starting up in our Tudor London neighbourhood, or be a time traveller and have your Tardis in your attic.

There are rooms and hotel rooms available to live in and regular events.

The time machine awaits;

http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Time Portal/127/127/1930






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That sounds like an intriguing place, and it's nice to know there's no period dress code required.  I'll have to stop out there when I'm out sightseeing some evening. 

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Thank you all for the kind words!

We have one more zone left to open, the Roman era one.

But then we'll keep adding temporary exhibits in skyboxes and so on, new exhibitions, etc.

So it wont be a place we build and then forget about.

Yep, no dress code here although we do sometimes have dresscode parties & events.

Just make sure you wear SOMETHING as it is a G-rated sim and I'm a massive prude.

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Yay! Somewhere else I can where my Wednesday clothes.

Is there a group or newsletter to keep up with the events and exhibits?

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