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Kimmy Sweetwater
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~The Midas Lounge~ is looking for confident, experienced and stylish team players to join our new adventure!

From the creator of the Lakeside sim, The Midas Lounge is a beautifully decorated adult hangout venue with an exclusive VIP lounge that will be accessible to members only. 

We require dancers/ escorts and DJs. The role will require acts of a sexual nature.

Also, we require your avatar to have a mesh body & hair and preferably a mesh head unless we feel the shape has been made well. 

A wide range of quality clothing and lingerie will also be required.

You must be over 30 days old and over 18 in real life. 

This is an adult venue and no child avatars will be employed.

This is a tip only venue for first 3 months, after which your dedication and input will be reviewed and an hourly/event based rate will also be introduced.

You will keep 90% of your tips.

We do provide a free dressing room should you wish/need to change outfits. It is only accessible to staff members and here you have the ability to rez so you can unpack items and to set as your home location should you require it.      


To see the venue and to grab an application form from reception, please visit us at  http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Giocattolino/136/229/22


midas pic.jpg

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