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Weird ingame glitch

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Hello, Somehow when i upload a mesh it ignores the UVmap, only on a few objects not all of them and everything is the same. (Yes also UV channels)

Is this a common thing if so how would i solve it? It doesn't make sense, it not only looks unmapped but also tiled





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Didn't work. i might make a copy of models in the future and keep the "quads" version just in case.
I have litterally no idea what causes this

Edit: I tried cutting the object into smaller pieces but that didn't fix it either. 


PS: No i have no material tiling applied inside 3DS Max (i don't even use a image but colors)



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Alright. The next thing is to add a Turn to Mesh modifier to the stack. Note, you don't need to collapse the stack. Turn to Poly is a great way to switch between tris and quads non-destructively.

If that also doesn't work, plug a bitmap into the diffuse slot of each material.

Also keep Split per-vertex Normals unchecked in the collada exporter.

I know this all sounds weird, but it's what I found to fix my UVs with Max.

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Edit, i managed to fix it. for intersections and the Tsplit etc i used a 2nd UV map channel to bake the texture for (to make it seamless inside Photoshop)  and aparently the viewport material was using the 1st map channel but when exporting it used the 2nd channel. To fix use "UVW Mapping Clear" modifier and select channel to 2 to delete the 2nd map channel

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