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Lara Aulder

CATWA vs Lelutka

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On 07/08/2017 at 9:08 PM, Lillith Hapmouche said:

Pro-tip: join the Omega inworld group and buy the kit at the inworld store. 50L saved to invest into new make-up ^_^

Thank you again Lilith :)


Back after a busy week!

I tried the new Lelutka heads, they're something special, my favorite  now is Bianca. I dint bought, instead I choosed Catya and I have no intentions to come back to Simone so soon. Now i'm officially part of the "duck lips friends" group. I'm just having a hard time trying to match my Lara body with my skin, the "neck fix" it only makes things worse. #shiet

About Sansar I found spetacular, with some time I'm sure will have many options to choose and things to do,  meanwhile... Keep calm and do lack animations. At this point I wished the animations be more like the sims. but nothing to complain about places to explore and build tools.

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I started off with Catwa Catya and then bought Lelutka's Chloe, which I wore for ages on end. I sell shapes and know that I should go out of the box to accommodate everyone's taste but I have to be honest in saying that I just love "the girl next door" type of shape. Cute, sexy, sophisticated and pretty. I am not into heavy makeups myself unless I am making something really "dark" ... so today I got the 4 new Lelutka heads and have been sliding for hours now but not really a happy chappy here. None of my former Lelutka lipsticks fit any of the lips ... bit of a perfectionist here .... and the Lelutka skins I already have look ....... terrible, so I am having trouble considering buying the heads to make new shapes. With that said I am working on Greer now and really really like her but I have to consider if I want to spend $ on all new makeup and skins for this head. Hereafter a sample of Greer using the Glam Affair skins from the demo head and another I use a lot on other Lelutka heads:


Needless to say I am not liking it at all so I think I'll refrain from Making new shapes with the new heads for right now

Hmm ... can't seem to find out how to insert images directly :(


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2 hours ago, xIITaylorIIx said:

Hmm ... can't seem to find out how to insert images directly :(

It has to do with Gyazo.  Other sites will do the same.  The link you get from using Gyazo goes to their site and not the actual image.  It is simple enough to get the image's URL by right clicking it and then copy image location (what is says with Firefox).


You know you have the right link when it ends with .jpg, .png or some other image format.


If you notice, the gyazo link to its page and the image URL are the same except the direct link ends in .png.  You could add that manually after you copy and paste the link but before hitting enter but to me it's faster to just right click and grab the correct URL from gyazo's site.

(Clover likes it when I talk nerdy ...)

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added the other picture so I could compair them :)
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This will have a lot of little pics so I will put them behind a spoiler.

Greer with my Simone shape (and eyes)


Turned off the glossy


This is with Izzy's skin and makeup


And a "no name" lipstick.  I don't want to name something I'm about to say sux so ...


This is edited a little, thinner lips, fitted the nose better, etc.  It has AleskaMetro lipstick


That looked like the start a strong face, so I edited it a little more with that in mind



So there's my quick experience with Greer.  I think if you get generic lipstick not made just for leLutka you wont find many the fit right.   Others do.  As always ... demo first!



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