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A possum stole my mudcake, once.

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No joke. There I am, at the park. My four dollar amazing mud cake from Woolworths is sitting on a bench. As the sun is setting, I turn around from a conversation and there is this fat little possum! He grabs my cake, shoves part of it into his mouth. Waddles off, climbs a tree and drops most of it.

I was.. too impressed to be angry. I'd like to immortalise the moment in paint, one day.

Now that you're thoroughly impressed with my wicked life, let me introduce myself.

I'm Jess- or Rain, whatever you prefer. I'm 25, I work with children (0-5, but also have worked with 5-12) full time and I'm currently studying. I live in Australia, I'm.. I love being on the internet. As much as I love hanging out and doing things, I find I don't enjoy going out and just 'hanging'. I'd prefer to create something/chill in my own space.

I'm on Second Life bc one of my internet friends convinced me to try it. He cannot baby sit me forever, though. I have to admit, I'm kinda into being able to do ..whatever. Like the Sims, but ..so much more debauchery. Oh, lord.

I enjoy role play, hanging out, talking, etc, etc. I am kind of funny, every now and then. I'm too shy to just make my avatar walk up to other avatars. I still haven't figured out how to Second Life, so you get to laugh at me struggling to do.. just about anything, really.


uh, yeah. hey. Come be awkward with me.

I love Star Wars, Harry Potter, Labyrinth, chocolate, cats, napping, pasta, sewing, the SCA, White Queen, The Tudors- though, the historically inaccurate costumes kill me. If you wanted a topic to chat about, or something.



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Let's get together, but the number one thing you have to get over is the fear of your avi randomly approaching other avis. What is the worse that can happen? They tell you to leave them alone, if so, it is they who lose.

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My fear is that they will suddenly turn into a possum and devour me.

Alternatively, I'll just ..somehow accidentally backflip onto them and it will look like I'm doing something inappropriate. If anyone was going to find a way to hit the wrong combination of buttons, it would be me.

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