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Hiring HOST/ESSES and DJs at Bored Babygirls!

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The funnest entertainment hangout for Bored Babygirls, DDlg, Pets, & Daddies!




Are you: ❤ funloving

                ❤ easygoing

                ❤ bubbly

                ❤ entertaining

                ❤ outgoing

                ❤ not easily offended

                ❤ dirty?

If so, we want Hosts or Hostesses like YOU!



Can you: ❤ DJ

                ❤ Willing to play requests

                   ❤ Know how to use a stream or have your own

                ❤ Ok with ALL music genres (Maybe even a country song)?

YOU might be the DJ for us!



We offer: 50L an Hour and 100% of earned Tips!

Staff Housing on an availability basis

Come visit us today and put your application in!





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I'm a babygirl myself! I dress in black/pinks/and baby blues! I'm a host at another club but that's only ok Thursdays & Sundays!.. Uhm you can reach me here or @ mayaskyrose I'm not on atm though..

i have my own: 

> Gestures 

> I'm Friendly, funny.. And more once you get me comfortable. 

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1 hour ago, DarkEnnui said:

Thanks for dropping in Maya! Look forward to see you.

It was fun xD I will be sure to come back before Wednesday if you still need me to host <3 

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