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Tari Landar

How long have you been here?

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Started in August 2009, mainly curious about the business opportunities inworld.
Spent most of the first months just compulsively learning and building... Modern (business style) and modular buildings, a flying vehicle, had a shop as reseller, got stolen ~50k L$ from Linden Lab (money deposited on an external web marketplace and taken by them "for security reasons"), found a gf (well she found me) and after 3 months moved to her country for 6 months...

Never been much into social interaction, but when i get invoved i give my best, is my way...

Later had some really interesting relationships... I could get a literature award for those chats, really... And I remember some lines that I will never forget... like: "you are the man of my life" from one girl... or "you are the best, f*** the hell out of me" from another... (roflmao)

I still think to some of them... because even if just chat the connection and involvment was so intense...

Anyway what I really miss and mourn the loss are some great places that gone lost forever... (again... shame on LL to care zero for the artwork created inworld)  ... like the famous Midsomer Meadows, FlyinTails Airfield sandbox+folks or this:

https://www.flickr.com/search/?text=Templum ex Obscurum


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4 hours ago, Tex Monday said:

I thought I remembered, back in the day, that they had experienced people on orientation island to help show newbies around. Either that or it sent them into a life of prostitution

Only folks there in 2008 were other noobs, lol. 

They might have put some there later on, I don't know, but there wasn't a single soul there to help anyone in 2008 when I made this av.  I always thought there should be though. Those signs were not remotely helpful. I know they've changed the orientation or "starting" area(s) a few times, at least, since then though.

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