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Give Inventory Throttle

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I was reading through llGiveInventiry and came across this statement: 

As of 31th January 2012, llGiveInventory now has similar throttle to instant messages. A throttle of 5k per hour per owner per region; with a maximum burst of 2.5k. This throttle only affects gives to agents, not to non-agents.

I have two questions?

1.  With a 2.0 second sleep on the script how can one even reach this limit? I am assuming multiple scripts giving inventory, but wanted to be sure I wasn't missing something about the sleep period.

2.  Does that mean that I could hop over to another Sim (presumably as many as I want) and start giving out inventory under a completely new count? 

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The throttle, as I understand it,is per owner, not per script or per object.   So that's how you hit the limit -- multiple objects containing multiple scripts.   Presumably, though, if you have objects on 2 separate regions (or take the one object containing dozens of scripts to a second region when it's hit the 5k limit), you can send out 10k items an hour.

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