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Winged Heron

Full SIM sharing - 1/4 region residential 

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Full SIM sharing - 1/4 region residential 

Full SIM to share - we share 50/25/25- no dramas - must be serious and reliable. The SIM in mind is called The Celestial Realm - spend most of my time in sky so fellow SIM owners are free to landscape their half 1/4 or quarter or whatever. This is a quaint SIM not a modern one. I occupy a half (50) and a friend another 1/4 (25)
It would be a ratio of the full teir amount depending what size you want. Also OK if partner wants to rent some of their half to others to supplement their tiers or for profit.  Full tiers are 295 USD per  month for the whole SIM - a new partner would be paying a low USD 75. The ratio would change dependant on what size the new person wanted if a smaller amount. Payments are due before the 5th of each month
Please be aware this is a SIM that is tranquil and pleasant to look at. Sort of an old world feel. Happy to accommodate pirates. Currently the quarter in question is totally vacant and available.
My half has a tavern for events if required and is pirate friendly, petite friendly. We try to exist wihtin the bounds the RLs Charter of Human Rights. 
Terraforming is allowed if wished and is complementry to the SIM. I would like to maintain a water course through the middle of the SIM in an effort to reduce lag. We are willing to listen to any ideas and it will be a share effort, on a nice SIM. 
Can be a private, business or group occupier.

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