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Seeking a Cuckolded Husband

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Hey everyone, Aki is a vivacious, sexually experienced 18 year old. She is seeking a man to be her cuckolded husband. She doesn't seek instant gratification, but it's a long hard haul going through a lot of candidates and either them finding something about her they don't like, or vice versa. Her needs are simple: a guy who will adore, worship, spoil and serve her... not slavery, he can hold his head high in public, but in private, his weaknesses are fully revealed. All while she carries on with her present lifestyle that entails her enjoying the charms of an awful lot of men! 

In world, she has a detailed notecard on what she offers... please contact her for it if you're interested.

Oh, and other Wannabe Hot Wives - please feel free to post in this discussion too!

Aki xx

aki5_001 words square.png

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