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!WANTED! - Custom Texture for Kemono AVI

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Hi there everyone 

So Ive been on Second life for a few years now and the things you can do on here are amazing. I dont have the skill to make things myself so im hoping i can hire someone to help me out:

I have a furry character ( had him for a very long time) and Id love to see him in Second life:

So this is the characters look - 1407799041.wolfer101_ezimba1737616827520

 And id love to have this kind of Pattern or texture on the Kemono Avatar


I saw someone in SL with something really close so i took some pics to show you all what it could look like in Secondlife





If anyone can help me with this i would be oh so happy, or if someone could point me in the right direction, I will pay of course

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Looks a bit Hyena-ish...

Search the MP for 'kemono hyena' and you get a bunch of hits, similar to the pics you posted.

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