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Anyone hiring for first time HOST?

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I've been observing how hosts do their jobs inworld by going to clubs and events and got interested to take a hosting job.. was a freelance dancer before, have entertained guests... now I want to entertain a crowd of people.


SL Name : Zoa Seira (zoaeroikirei)

SL AGE: 3 months old; 106 days

RL AGE: 19

GENDER: Female

WHAT HOURS CAN YOU BE AVAILABLE TO WORK : 7AM-10AM SLT Everyday (2-3hrs minimum 4 hrs max per day)
MESH PARTS: [Body] Maitreya ; [Head] Lelutka Bento Chloe

By posting this, as a host I'll make sure to...

> Send notices/chat before my set for the VIP group
> Greet everyone who attends the club
> Engage conversations
> Thank the one who tips
> If needed, cover someone's shift
> Tell guests if they have a song request to the DJ 
> Advertise the club on my FLICKR, SL Profile/Picks, Blog and in other possible way

> Make sure the DJ receives lovin tips

>Have gestures ready at all times
> Be open for IM's of questions and requests from guests
> Make warnings, If ever someone is being disrespectful/breaking club rules to anyone inside the club
> Pay attention to what staffs wanted me to do, so that I can improve my work

IM me if I can be one of your staff or for Applications to fill up. Thank you very much.

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                                    Eagles Nest
                            Adult Country Club

Eagles Nest is a country club with a difference, we have gone for the country theme with an adult setting of the most naughtiest degree! We are going to have dancer and escorts that will make mens and some womens mouths water! 

We are currently taking on staff so that we can open up sooner rather then later. 

Dancer and Escorts get 90% of their tips
Hosts and Deejays get 100% of their tips.

We are currently looking for DJ, Host and Dancer/Escort Managers so please feel free to contact LucyAnne Firecaster or FlyingEagle855 Resident.


http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Eagle Town/62/43/25

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