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Dear LL, please fix the profile feeds

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I fully understand that plenty of residents don't even glance at the Feed. I get that. But a lot of us do, just the same. I just checked and it actually seems to be at least in the process of restoration: someone's reply to my birthday message (posted late July) was in my Inbox when I logged in).

Well not just someone. He's the SL partner and now RL  husband of a very close friend; I was a bridesmaid at their SL wedding. Presiding was the Reverend Ms. McMasters (she's ordained,  for reals).

I freely and without prompting of any kind agree that Vick Forcella's Feed posts are witty and fun to look at. I suggest not bothering to hit on him; pretty sure the line of ladies ahead of you has gone around the block.

I started a thread on the feed back when it was getting under way. Because so much of my SL and thus that of my friends involved music, that was what the thread was for. A way for us to share tunes we liked. Because it was mostly just people I knew and with whom I talked regularly it also got pretty chatty as we'd talk about our lives now and then. Both SL and RL. Because I'd not restricted access to anyone other than non-SL residents, a troll with an axe to grind was lurking there, and posted something gloating on his own feed about one of my friends. He'd learned about it on my music feed. She was a young person; I don't know how old but not past her early twenties. What she'd posted suggested thoughts of suicide. The troll's comment on his feed was "Good riddance', as I recall.

She's still here, and will remain one of the most interesting people I've ever met. The troll's vile response made me think I should either restrict my feed or make sure everyone knew they were being watched. I knew MY preference but I polled the other contributors. They all agreed: make it Friends Only. As a result I've added a few people to my Friends list because others of my friends requested I do so. Or just because.

Because I'd said something she liked on one of her posts, Ever Dreamscape actually started following me. I IM'd her to tell her I'd have to add her to my Friends list; that happened the next time I logged in. Less than a year later her RL family and all the rest of us who she'd touched lost her.  A terrible loss. What an absolutely wonderful soul.

The thing is, that ancient music feed of mine is still (or once again) a place we can all talk about our lives and other things. That's a nice thing and I treasure the Feed for making that possible.

My Feed thread as of today. Note the stats at the bottom—over 5 years and pushing ten grand on the post count.



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