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Bento bone mHindLimbsRoot doesnt want to animate?

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Hello All!

Thank you for viewing my inquiry. 

I am using Mayastar in Maya 2016, windows 10. 

I am having trouble with bone mHindLimbsRoot. I am trying to animate the up and down of a horse's rump when it walks using that bone. I've double checked my weights, the rear goes with the bone when I move it. But when I key the up and down translation it does not stick. No animation at all, the bone jus sits there. I attached a picture of the bone I am talking about because what's in a name...?

Every other bone acts right, save mHindLimbsRoot. Has anyone had trouble with it? 

Or does anyone have an idea for a work around? I would greatly appreciate any input!

Thank you!


Edit: Uh... while working I just noticed that bones mHindLimb1Right and left are not accepting translations either.... they all rotate fine but they do not keep translations. Am I missing something?



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