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Manor suites: 

Hello everyone! Welcome to my post, Manor Suites has some open slots for anyone who needs a luxurious home! Every home comes furnished and a lot more! Continue reading below for more information thank you!! 

Included with your rental: 
* Multiscenes
* A shared radio(meaning everyone listens to what is on the radio, but anyone can change it up, or pay a little more to have your own) 
* The homes are furnished, but the furniture can derez them and you can add your own if you like to make it feel more at home ❤️ 
* security, yes that's right security! 
* High quality builds and furniture it's your choice. 
* XXX and PG animations. FREE use of XXX holodecks 
* The ability to add anyone to the group & the rental. 
* Great customer service rewards, including free time for feedback and a free rent raffle held weekly! 

Skydome rentals: Goes by DAYS
1: 40$L
7: 190$L
14: 350$L
30: 675$L, monthly rental, is the best pricing! & 

Skybox: Goes by DAYS
1: 25$L
7: 125$L
14: 250$L
30: 450$L monthly rental, Is the best pricing! 

Rent by day: We do rent by day, but it will cost 25L$ 

* Skydome: 50
* Skyboxes: 30
More prims are available to be rented in the rental office beside the reception desk. 

Contact information: 
* mayaskyrose is my inworld name. 

* Facebook link: 

* Please if you are interesting in renting from Manor Suites, Please do not hestiate to contact me on forums/inworld/Facebook! 

If you are someone that sees this post and just goes to the store, please let them know you seen my post thank you <3 mayaskyrose.


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