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The most useless Second Life item ever

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It's Friday and time for the Serious Topic of the Week.

So, what would be the most useless item that can possibly be made in Second Life?

How about a... a wearable online indicator? A piece of jewelry that changes color depending on whether you are logged on or not?

Any better suggestions? It doesn't have to be something that exists yet. New creative ideas to enrichen our virtual world are more than welcome!

(Oh, and if you want to recommend an existing product, do not mention brand name or creator and do not include a link. If you do, the moderators will probably remove your post.)

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8 minutes ago, Christin73 said:

I would have to say a radar hud. Radar huds are not needed. If you use mini map you can  see who is around you without a hud telling you. Just sayin.

I vote against that. I agree that they are not actually needed, but they are useful. The chunky ones are a waste of screen space, imo, but those that just show names and distances as floating text above a prim that can be off-screen are very good and useful, imo. That's the type I use.

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"Become a creator today!

This box contains almost everything what you will ever need for creating, except the secret ingredient, which is your own Creativity. Please notice: Though it copies other, professional designer's exact way of creation, it is NOT a copybot! "

Yup, real SL product... ;) 


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1 hour ago, Jeny Howlett said:

virtual perfumes:D anddd breedable pet rocks, i aint kidding. you can find them on MP

Breeding rocks used to be so easy in years gone by,

1. Use Firestorm

2. Crash

3. Relog to discover your FS-bridge had given birth to your very own LL Medium Rock

4. Spend 30 mins screaming while trying to find somebody who knew how to remove your new pet rock from your stomach...



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