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A new Group for Domestic Discipline (Mouthsoaping)

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Hello dear Users.

I'm here to tell you about my New Group for Domestic Discipline.

My Group is about Mouthsoaping. Especially related to Femdom.

Roleplays are of course possible if i get enough Members, and if the Mistress accepts the RP Request or even YOU as Sub, Slave, whatever.

Please note that my Group is for 18+ Peoples, not for Childs or Teens. Everyone can join and it's for free of course, but if i discover any Peoples that have not yet reached their 18th Year of Age, i would be forced to eject, so please don't join and please just wait until your 18 Years old of Age. Thanks anyways for your Attention.

P.s. Every Group that has less than two Members for 48 Hours will be automatically disbanded, so if you like this Imagination of such a Consequence, for foul Language, Swearing, or Lying, and if you're an Adult, please join it's free :D! Here's the Link --> secondlife:///app/group/a46eb94e-b28e-2ee6-eb17-d721 If the Link doesn't work, please just search for "mouthsoaping femdom" inworld :). I hope to read you soon in my Group :). All we need is YOU!

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