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items not registering


I have a problem when purchasing things in world.  When clicking on the item, sometimes the box will not poplulate with the items included.  On those items where it does populate, sometimes when i get home to open the purchased item, there is nothing in the box.  Any ideas or suggestion?

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Well, you might simply be buying an empty box.  This scam is usually found on the Marketplace, though, not in world.

Or maybe your box-opening technique needs a little work.  Some boxes will auto-deliver as soon as you rez them, creating a new folder in your inventory.  Others will do this when touched.  Both are handy, but not universally in use.  I use the old-fashioned opening technique that works with all boxes:

  • Go to a place where you can rez objects
  • Drag the box from your inventory to the ground
  • Right click the box, select Open from the context menu
  • Highlight the items in the window that appears, and drag them to a folder in your inventory (you can also use the Copy to Inventory button, but I prefer the greater control of the manual method.)

Or maybe you are not talking about OPENING the box at all, but are referring to the window that opens when you right click a vendor and select "Buy".  This window ONLY appears if the option given in your context menu says "Buy."  Many vendors these days use a slightly different system, and when you right click them to purchase, the context menu says "Pay".  When you choose that, you don't get a window showing the item's parts, you just get a message asking you to confirm paying the vendor owner $L xxx.  This is normal behavior...but the item you get should not be an empty box, of course!

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