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Resident Philosohpy a Virtual Life

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I hate to repeat myself and I've posted these four here before but:

"Second Life: Your world, your imagination, your neighbor's nightmare."

"Second Life is the social forum for solipsists."

"In Second Life there are more stars per fan than anywhere else."

and a serious one:

"Content may be King but without Queen Context he's nothing at all."

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Trying to fish for some Likes from Lindens here. ;)

"Average time users expect it to take from they open a support case until they get a reply: minus 37 seconds."

Which reminds me:

"Average time it actually takes @Whirly Fizzle to respond to a new JIRA: minus 12.98 seconds"

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Virtual worlds are kind of like letting the dog out of the house to play..Only it's the voices in our heads that we are opening the door for..

Am I the only one that thinks this?

No you're not,we think that way to..

Well you guys might but I don't!

Can you guys for once just keep it down?Some of us have to work tonight!


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