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Hi all,

I am an experienced dancer, host, escort, and manager looking for work

I am looking to work in places that are on adult sims, but exceptions can be made for already well-established music/dance clubs on moderate sims.

I have 4+ years dancing experience

I have 3+ years escorting experience

I have 5+ years of hosting experience

I have 2+ years of Manager experience

I have experience working with shoutcast, contest boards, google documents, google calendar, and google spreadsheets. I am on-time with my sets no matter what, you never need to worry about me not showing up, or being late to check in, if you require that.

I am a efficient, loyal, and hard worker. I tend to work at one place and one place only at a time, not only for my sake, but in my own terms, loyalty and hard work are important, I want to give my all to whoever I am working for.

Pay is negotiable if I am going to be hired on as a Manager of your establishment.

I love all music, but I have a tendency to stay away from gangster rap, and screamo / death metal.

As a person, I am upfront, honest, hardworking, dedicated, and at the same time I have a laid back, friendly, outgoing personality and I love meeting new people and getting to know people as a whole.

I don't like drama, and I know very well that drama at any establishment, no matter what it is, should be kept away from the establishment.

It will be really good hearing from you, if you are interested in hiring me.

My display name is Astra Solo, username is Astrahlynn.

Thank you for taking the time out of your day to look at this post!

- Astra Solo (Astrahlynn)

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Hey :)

We are currently looking for Dancers, Greeters & Hosts to join our amazing club and hangout. No experience required full training given.
We aim for great rock/pop & dance music, fun events, and intelligent, mature conversation.
***THE INFERNO*** is an Adult club and hangout, where grown-ups come to play.  We have erotic, urban/grunge, BDSM areas. 
If interested then come on down Nagano Valley/102/197/22
Applications at the front of the club when you teleport in or message Faniotn or Chelseaaxx

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