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I'm currently looking for work in SL as a whole. I am not particularly picky on the kind of job as I'm fairly open to any and all paid positions. The only place where I draw a line is being an escort.

I am an avid roleplayer and have been in the para rp community for many years even before I joined second life ( approximately 6-7 years ) . I have helped manage and run different sims and groups in the past on other platforms as well.

I also dabble in graphic design as it has been a hobby of mine for a while now. I make video tutorials on YouTube explaining how to do some of the artwork itself and teach others.

As far as my avatar goes I have a full mesh body with bento hands and head with quality skins and outfits as a whole.

My schedule is open pretty much all day everyday unless something in rl interferes which isn't too often. Time Zone: SLT + 3 ( Eastern )

I love working with people and always enjoy helping those that I can. If you feel I would be of use, feel free to send me a NC in world as my IM's tend to get capped when I'm away.

кαтɛʀιηα נ. ʀσѕɛ (foxieroxie243)

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Hi FoxieRoxie (love the name btw)


We are currently looking for Dancers, Greeters & Hosts to join our amazing club and hangout. No experience required full training given.
We aim for great rock/pop & dance music, fun events, and intelligent, mature conversation.
***THE INFERNO*** is an Adult club and hangout, where grown-ups come to play.  We have erotic, urban/grunge, BDSM areas. 
If interested then come on down Nagano Valley/102/197/22
Applications at the front of the club when you teleport in or message Faniotn or Chelseaaxx


hope you find something :)

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