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Kyonyx Djannovic

Seeking RP Partners for Small Group Storytelling

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Hey all! I'm looking for RPers interested in one of the following universes/settings:

Fairy Tail - I am particularly interested in a story line where the players are members of the treasure hunting guild Sylph Labyrinth. This would be a slightly AU version that has less of a focus on the more known Mage guilds and more of a focus on the development of Sylph Labyrinth as a guild and the many adventures they go on. Also, according to the lore, Sylph Labyrinth isn't actually a Mage Guild (because their members don't use magic), but I am perfectly fine with both magic and non-magic members. I could also see this potentially turning into a "roaming guild where we could traverse to sims that allow for a pop-in/pop-out play style so that we could have adventures that take place across a variety of realms and involve different people. Knowledge of the Fairy Tail universe would be great, but not required.

Alternate Fantasy Setting - I've had an idea I've been sitting on for about a year now involving a plot where a group of heroes go into the World of Dreams to save a deity that is trapped there. Any character that can reasonably fit into the setting, whether they are a brand new character created just for this journey, or a character you may already be using in an RP sim somewhere. This would be a short term RP, maybe 3-4 long sessions, with a definitive start and end.

If there is enough interest, I will rent some land and decorate it so that we have a visual space to work with.

Please feel free to shoot me a message in-world!


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