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Commission: Skeletor


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Ah hello, fellow comic book villains or pesky heroes. I am looking for someone, who would be willing to put an avatar together for me - And receive a reward of course!

Someone told me that my price point was a lot higher than what is usually charged .. so I will make no price indication but know that I am willing to pay well for this. I am not asking for a completely new mesh avatar but for someone with great experience to help me find the best parts available on the marketplace. I doubt that a fitting head, staff or armor can be found without adjusting them or modifying them for this avatar. So you would need advandced modding skills OR maybe even make some parts just for this avatar. I think in a first step you would have to search the marketplace for possible parts and in a second step modify them or design some new parts if necessary. But I am very flexible and open-minded, so we can find out the way that works best.

This is the very first time I am asking someone for a commission! So just tell me if there is missing information or you have questions after reading this!

The main idea behind this avatar is to have a cartoonish, childish, slightly rediculous, funny and cleraly insane comic-book-villain.





Elements that I want to have for this character:

  • The skull head (Possibly with an exagerated grin, that makes him look like he is always smiling like in the picture below. Would be great to have those fangs too )


  • Shiny, blue skin that has this smooth, sweaty look to it.
  • Beast-like, reptilian claws as fingernails and two (duuuuh xD) three-clawed feet
  • His staff: That is made of this ram / aries (I guess?) skull and the pole
  • A single piece of armor that covers his shoulders and connects to the hood. The bone 'X' wrapped to his chest.
  • Following the style of the leathery stripes that cover his shoulders we should also cover his groin for the most part
  • Some kind of multiple plate shin protection
  • Optionally a long dark coat (possibly with torn parts at the lower end, or signs of abrasion running across it)

So just to have a comparison to what I don't want this character to become: I don't want this character to be something that is truly ferasome and can be taken as seriously as the dark entity below, neither would I want something anywhere close those levels of detail:



This is the first time I ask someone to make a commission for me ever. I hope the task is not completly impossible :) Of course I am willing to discuss every question you have and will cooperate where I can.


My name in SL is Dragonmate66 . Answer below or alternatively, ask for my E-Mail .

Thanks a lot for reading

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if they hold the copyright or a license to make it for you then there will be no issue, but make sure the person who wants to make it for you has legal permission form the copyright holder to do so first.   would suck to have it vanish one day because the owner of the copyright/ip filed a dcma and it no longer exists.

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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 2550 days.

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