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Region Map Solid Green

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Good day all,

I'm looking for some suggestions to hunt down whats causing our region map to be a solid green/gray color.


I had read that certain sim surrounds can cause this and have since then removed it from the sim as a precaution (although the surrounds maker insists that it should not be the cause). That been said it seems it did not help with the issue. I have tried looking for giant mega prim too and that doesn't seem to be the case either. 

As for scripts ? i have looked and no script is demanding an excessive amount of memory so I'm drawing a blank.

If you have any suggestions on tracking down what could the possible cause I'd greatly appreciate it.

Silver Dragon Resort.


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SecondLife's SLoogle-Earth Sat-Cam map system, basically tries to include everything on a region thats under about 780m altitude? I forget the exact cutoff point, certainly I've seen a lot of 'sky-writing prim signs at around 760 odd m.

Some sim surrounds can cause blank-map, because they are in the sat-cam rendering range but the sat-cam system doesn't know how to render them except as a big coloured region blanketing blob. Having the center of the object below sim-dirt level might help.

However it's not limited to sim-surrounds, sky-platforms can cause it too, especially megaprim ones as large or larger than the region.

you could try making a 64x64x1 m platform out of a prim, colour it bright red, plonk it in the middle of the region at an altitude of say 1000 m and wait for it to show or not on the map, then gradually lower it in 100 m increments till it vanishes, then you'll know the approximate altitude of whatever is blanketing your region.

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