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Model's Workshop is looking for a Marketing Manager and two Staff Photographers.  Requirements and duties for both positions are as follows below.  Please contact Rhiannon Colclough in-world to apply.

Marketing Manager:

We are looking for someone who has the following skills:
*Excellent communication skills
*Ability to think creatively and motivate people
*Networking skills
*Able to perform under pressure and work to deadlines
*Understanding of marketing channels
*Familiarity with technology and tools to accomplish tasks
*Professional judgment & discretion

Duties include:
*Maintaining all marketing tools, including websites, other media
*Coordinating marketing strategies across multiple channels
*Writing ads, press releases to send out on marketing channels
*Working with others on the MW team
*Analyzing what does and does not work and change approach accordingly
*Blogging events, shows, workshops, etc.
*Planning and execution of marketing strategies
*Showing attention to detail


Model's Workshop Virtual Group is seeking two skilled photographers to cover MWVG events and special assignments. You must be able to work under pressure if needed and have good time management skills. You must be skilled at handling a calendar and booking appointments as required.

Your skill set should include: 

*Good technical knowledge of all SL camera settings, windlights, filters, etc.
*Good sense of visual composition and perspective
*Competence in photographic manipulation software such as Photoshop or similar
*Be adept with image-management software including online storage of photos such as drop boxes, Flickr, etc. 
*Be organized, practical and versatile, able to adapt to a wide variety of assignments
*Be able to deal with the unexpected in a calm and professional manner
*Must have strong work ethic and the ability to convey the MWVG  corporate image and values 
*Excellent communication skills
*Sound business management skills
*Ability to meet scheduling deadlines and performance targets

Must have a portfolio of work to show skills (Flickr account is acceptable)
Prefer to have past testimonials from prior jobs


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