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Seeking interested player's for semi private cyberpunk RP

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Don't let the words turn you off immediately like I do when I hear/read the words "private" and "RP'' anywhere in the same sentence. The RP itself is based out of a soon-to-open SIM called D18 and off their lore (bit of confusion around this but can be handled at a later date, details can be shared upon request!). 

The semi-private part comes in where I recruit from this SIM (prime world colony and slums IC) for a crew of badasses who smuggle things from planet to planet aboard my personal IC ship. So it would be on SIM and on ship that RP occurs, thus the semi-private aspect of it.

I absolutely adore this SIM and it's lore and it's build and everything about it and I'm wanting to make the most of it. Right now, she's working with one other person but there's more money to be made when you have more brute force and more hands behind you! I think the idea has a lot of potential for like.... side/mini missions, like away missions and stops offs, stuff like that. Think about it and then get in touch!

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