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Website: http://convergence.enjin.com

-=What is Convergence?=-

Opened in December of 2014, Convergence: The Lost City is an original, paragraph-oriented roleplay community that combines  fantasy, sci-fi, supernatural and steampunk elements in a city magically preserved at the end of a recent near-apocalypse. 

2023:  In a world devastated by the engineered disease D-13, a disease which turned the bulk of the human population into psychopaths and cannibals, the city of Convergence appeared suddenly off of the Oregon coast. Like several other cities which survived the disease's ravages, Convergence is protected by strange forces.  Unlike most others, though, this unique city is shrouded in mystery, and possessed of powerful magics. Supernaturals of many races, only recently having emerged from the shadows of myth, compete with stragglers from the cyborg death squads, robots, and the last remaining humans to survive, attempt to find meaning in the world in the wake of pandemic.  

-=What are the features?=-

*Thirteen races and dozens of sub-races.  Races include: Humans, Mages, Mutants, Cyborgs, Robots, Vampires, Shifters, Fae, Angels, Demons, Yokai, and Wraiths.  Sub-races include: Imps, Merfolk, Drow, Duergar, Faun, Satyrs, Minotaurs, Centaurs and more. 

* Thirteen different factions, each with their own areas and spheres of influence on the sim.

* Original, Multi-genre lore:  Our compelling lore spans several genres, allowing you to decide if you want to focus on sci-fi aspects, go a bit more post-apoc, immerse yourself in steampunk or fantasy, or just be very modern and urban.  

*Magic: Over 25 different types of magic, with many "extras" to augment and specialize your character.  Specialized mutations, augmentations, and powers.  Human abilities on par with supernatural ones.  A system is in place to request specialized and unique magics based on your character and creativity.

*XP and HUD: Free optional XP system, allowing people to grow their characters, based on participation rather than on presence on the sim.  Our optional HUD lets everyone know the "weather" on sim, as well as the phases of the moon, and provides tools such as titlers and post-order devices to help you RP. Please note: these are OPTIONAL and not at all required to roleplay in Convergence!

*Numerous monthly events:  We have several different events planned every week, from social gatherings, to quests, to combats, to plots run by our STs.  Check out the calendar on our webpage for more!

*Great community, friendly players: :D Convergence prides itself on being accepting, friendly, and overall a great community OOC.  Our staff adheres to a strict ethics code.  And we pride ourselves on listening to player suggestions and input, and letting the players "drive the story".  We even have incentives in place to help promote RP with new players and new characters.  :D

*And Much, Much More!  But not ducks.  Except, maybe a duckmoose.  

-=Where can I learn more?=-

Come by and visit:  http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Wasteland/170/224/1203

For info on our races, magics, skills, and how to apply to Convergence: The Lost City, stop by our website: http://convergence.enjin.com


Alternately, drop in to our sim and chat with any of our mentors - they're happy to help you get started and answer questions about the application process!  Just slap the "Contact Mentors" button in the Landing Zone, or ask for one on our OOC group.   Or check out our New Player's Guide.  Want to see CV?  Take a look at our Flickr Group.


Let me know if you have questions!

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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 1966 days.

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