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Helloo, so i've just bought a female Bento head for my male avatar(becouse i liked the way it was made and i wanted to try it with my mudskin's skin wich is for male) and i have a male slink mesh body, the only problem was that the bento head had onlycould be worn with a female shape and it had an how can i say...small neck for my slink mesh body and idk what to do becouse...Can anybody tell me what to do, becouse i don't want to buy a female mesh body or anything...

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Unfortunately, you've learned the hard way why you should always demo everything you buy, if a demo is available. Especially in the case of something as expensive as a Bento mesh head.

However, you do not have to buy a female mesh body. It's the underlying shape that's important here, not the mesh body that covers it. I've seen one or two ladies in the Catwa group chat who have successfully worn a Catwa female head on a male mesh body (Signature was one of the bodies they tried, I recall) by just creating a new female shape and wearing their male body over it, then editing the shape to look more masculine.

What you will need to do is the following:

1. Make a copy of the female shape that's included with your mesh head, then wear it. This is important, because - in order to get the same look for the head - you'll need to start with that shape.

2. Wear the mesh head and Slink male body and start to edit the body sliders of the shape to get them as close to your original male shape as possible.

Some things will be different. Obviously, the breast sliders on the female shape will equate to the pectoral sliders on the male shape, etc. You won't be able to achieve exactly the same look, because of variants in the sliders and how they interact depending on whether the shape is male or female (eg: shoulder width or arm length)  - and this is also why copying your original male shape measurements onto the new female shape won't give exactly the same results - but you should be able to come reasonably close. The shape might be a bit more bishōnen than your original shape and it will take a lot of work, but it's the best that can be done with what you have.

And, in future, remember to demo!

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