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Tina Renobaum

I still haven't received my L$.


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As Lillith says, there are two options for buying $L.

The first is an "Instant Buy".  If you choose this option, your order is filled immediately, at whatever the current exchange rate is.  This may vary a little bit from what's shown in the purchase window, which is why they say "estimated proceeds."  After all, the LindEx is a currency exchange, and the exchange rate fluctuates, just like the stock market.

The second option is a "Market" buy, also called "Best Rate".  Here, you are offering to buy X amount of $L, at some specified exchange rate Y.  If the exchange rate you specify is unrealistic (that is, more than a couple of $L different than the current rate), you can wait a long time, maybe forever.  Getting the order filled depends on someone being willing to sell $L at the rate you say you're willing to pay.

If you've been waiting longer than you like, cancel the open order by following Lillith's instructions.

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Well, happy waiting ... this is a user helping user resource, not a plattform monitored by LL's staff. 
No-one knows what you ordered, perhaps a Limit Buy which might take several days to complete, depending on the exchange rate you picked.

You can check the status of your order on your LindeX Order History on your user dashboard.
From there, you should also be able to cancel any pending order and get the paid amount of money credited as US$ balance.
That balance can be used for a new limit buy with a lower rate or an instant market buy order.

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