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Woodcrest University


Mr. Brown will be teaching a class on role playing at 4PM SLT today [7-16-2017] in Classroom 1 at Woodcrest University in Wormwood City.

All citizens who feel they could benefit from such a class are welcome. Much of the class will be interactive participation, applying the role play principals outlined in the suggested pre-class reading which you'll provide at class. Hope to see you there!

Taxi here: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/London Docks/146/105/25


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Roleplay 101...

1. Not everyone in SL is a 'roleplay character'

2. Other characters are NOT npc's.

3. You are not in a movie, there are no stars or leading cast members, you may not sneer at the 'meer extras'

4. While you *CAN* type 1024 characters per chat entry, you are not legally obliged to do so, nor should you regard doing so as 'best practice'

5. Never ever 'roleplay' what other people are thinking and/or doing.

6. Remember to remove own head from own arse, and deflate it with a large pin before and after every "elite para-RP' session

7. There is no such thing as 'the Laws of RP'

8. If your RP needs an RP Admin, you're doing it wrong, move along

9. Other characters REALLY are NOT NPC's

10. Not everyone in SL is a 'Roleplay Character'

Class dismissed.

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Actually, I think that EVERYONE is playing roles. Yes, roles, plural. Even those who think they aren't roleplaying at all. B|

Five years ago, I even made a blogpost about that:

Roleplay! - or, Musings about IC and OOC

"Geez!" you might say, "I don't roleplay, i'm all ME, all the time!" 
But I tell you, you sure do. You roleplay ALL the time, and even different roles during the day and week.


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