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Looking For SL Soccer Players

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Hello Everyone ! So here i'm back looking for players for a game again (last time was for paintball) and now i'm looking for SL Soccer players ! : D


i've bought a pretty nice soccer stadium that i can rez in a sandbox to play.


Here's a photo of it :  Snapshot_002.thumb.png.26e5deb77d670f7897258bdd9398abf7.png

But now i need players... that's why i'm posting here : D


before you say that you're not good at sport, that you suck a soccer, that you don't like it...ect keep in mind that the SL version is REALLY NOT like in RL or TV lol

this game is super simple, you just have to push the ball with your Avatar by walking or running towards it, that's ALL so the only "skill" you actually need for this game, is to be able to control your avatars movements : D


If you're interested to play, feel free to IM me inworld  -SpeendaSh (spinacces)- or just reply here.

it'll be cool if we could gather a significant number of players because like i said in an other post the more we are the more fun it is (:

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Nostoll> hahaha. well there is only red and blue team unfortunately but... we can always edit the panel for yellow if you want lol,  but then you'll need some players for your yellow team comrade ! ; D

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