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Clan Valari is now recruiting!

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Hail and well met!

Are you looking for a community with a strong family-oriented feel? Dabble in dark magic, or demons? Have skills that you think would contribute to the Family, like building or scripting? Enjoy Roleplaying? Then perhaps we are looking for you!

Clan Valari is a structurized roleplaying community with a strong family vibe - each and every one of us creates the whole. Each bring in something special with him. We all work hard to help the family grow and prosper, and it return it gives us love, safety and chocolate cookies. Think of us as both a Roleplaying demon family AND a Company.

Our main goals for the near, and far future:
- Having fun as a laid-back, non-strict roleplaying community, in a group of people we can call our own
- Making our time in SL as enjoyable as it can be - exploring everything the game has to offer
- Accumulating in-game wealth, to support our lifestyle with new properties, clothes and other assets
- Building a system [think Progeny/Bloodlines] around the community to bring even more activities onto the table

A short list of rules upon joining the family:
- You can hang out with us for as long as you like, once you are willing to join it as a member tho you will need to change your display name.
- You will be assigned a function in the family, depending on your preferences and skillset.
- You will behave in and out of character - bringing shame to the family name with improper actions will result in character death [banishment].
- You WILL be having fun. :-)

If you are interested to know more, feel free to message ℒσяđ ℒɑηяɛ VɑӀɑяì (koszatniczek) in-game.

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