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New RP texturing business, tips and advice

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I've recently learned skills to texture and create graphics and designs for rp sims. I am looking for advice and for ideas for getting the word out there as well as pricing tips. I was very fortunate to win the best chief car at the most recent vehicle car show but I want to branch out and advertise more. Below are some examples of work ive done and I would like to know where the best demand is or what people look for. Do you see more US vehicles than European vehicles? I want to do this cheapest for my customers but still be able to cover my expenses. 







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Look around other texture stores to see about pricing.

Demand EU/US ..., well you would have to ask car makers but.

Best is to open a shop and see how it goes. No one can give the 1Mio$ instruction how a SL buisness works.

Ok, one thing maybe. Don´t be too cheap just to sell for less than other merchants. Quality work has it´s price.


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