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Bi Female Submissive Wanted

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Fun and Loving Switch Couple is looking for a submissive bi female who enjoys role play and would like to join our family. We are looking for someone who is intelligent, loyal, fun, and open minded. If you are poly that is an added plus. We can provide you a home, companionship, and care. If you are interested, please IM Aria Angelfire or Kalel Sands in world or send note card.

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6 minutes ago, Rhonda Huntress said:


Well you should see Polythene Pam
She's so good-looking but she looks like a man
Well you should see her in drag
Dressed in her polythene bag
Yes you should see Polythene Pam
Yeah, yeah, yeah

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Polyvinyl chloride


I know, I am being a nuisance.  

Aria,  i sincerely hope you have found the right person for your group.  I'm just at work and bored with a bad attitude.  So I picked up a non-closed thread just to be silly.



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4 hours ago, anna2358 said:

Polyethylene Glycol (it's a laxative), Oh sh......

I worked, at one time, for a very major meat processing company.  I surpervised the part of the company that made all the spices for the meat products(hams, bologna, bacon, canned meat products, you get the idea).  Every spice we mixed had tons of this stuff in it.  We'd get 55 gallons barrels of it in by the dozens every week.

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All this chemistry talk reminds me of...

Orgasmic chemistry 101

How to make ethyl palpitate 

Previous attempts to make ethyl palpitate had resulted in rather sporadic success;
and a good yield once obtained could not be duplicated on successive evenings, and so on. 
Accordingly, it was decided to more closely investigate the optimum conditions for favorable reactions.

One of the most important factors was found to be the purity of the ethyl chosen 
for the work. Some authorities claimed that very impure ethyl alone could be counted 
on for success, while others said that a hitherto unreacted ethyl was best. Our extensive 
investigations have shown that both of these extremes should be avoided. Reaction of 
the highly impure material often occurs with considerable violence, explosive at times, 
with great attendant danger of damage to equipment and operators. On the other hand, 
overly pure ethyl shows a naturally unreactive tendency, forming products such as 
ethyl hesitate, which tendency cannot be overcome even by the most skillful operator. 
The recommendation is therefore made that samples of average purity be chosen for the 
best results. A good criterion of reactivity is whether the compound, ethyl osculate, 
can be made easily.

As regards solvents and catalysts, alcoholic solutions are generally most satisfactory, 
although they add somewhat to the cost of preparation. The alcohol concentration 
should be very carefully controlled, as the saturated form of ethyl is useless. As a 
general rule, light should be avoided as it has a definite inhibitory effect in most cases.

One word regarding conditions of reaction. It is highly important that no other member 
of the ethyl family be present.

Chemically, the proper course of reaction is as follows: As gentle warming is applied 
(which can be accomplished by several means, an open fireplace has much to recommend it) 
the formation of the following products is successfully observed: ethyl reciprocate, 
ethyl agitate, and in some cases ethyl vibrate, and finally (if the heating has been carried 
out at exactly the correct rate), the desired product, ethyl palpitate. Under no circumstances 
should the heating be attempted too rapidly, as undesireable side reactions can be set in, 
the mildest of which leads to ethyl remonstrate, more usually to the sudden appearance 
of ethyl refrigerate, and in certain extreme cases (which usually make headlines) to 
ethyl assassinate.

As a final observation, the authors would like to point out that with certain difficult reactions 
of this type, the catalytic influence of gold, silver or precious stones will insure good results.


It is well to mention (although probably known already to most operators) that the equipment 
used in the final reaction must be encased in an impermeable material (latex/neoprene rubber is recommended), 
thus avoiding the annoying formation of ethyl pregnate, which, if allowed to stand for several months, 
will in some unavoidable cases, convert to ethyl propagate.

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